Affilorama Review – Is Affilorama The Best Way to Learn Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online. One of the main advantages of affiliate marketing is that you can make money promoting other people’s products, so you don’t need the time and expertise that is required to create your own products. Despite this, there is quite a learning curve involved in mastering how to become a successful affiliate.

If you’re starting out and searching for the best way to learn affiliate marketing then there is a good chance you’ve come across Affilorama. This extensive online membership site founded by Mark Ling in 2006 offers a full suite of training materials and tools. It’s aimed at newbies as well as intermediate marketers. The training is delivered primarily in video format so the information is easy to follow and digest.

In this Affilorama review, we’ll look at what this training program has to offer so you can determine whether it’s the best affiliate marketing training for your goals.

Start Learning For Free

When you are beginning your affiliate marketing journey you’ll probably want to keep your initial expenses down to a minimum before you step-up to the next level and pay to learn more advanced strategies. Fortunately, Affilorama provide free affiliate marketing training so you can become acquainted with all the basics at no cost.

Here is what you’ll get as a free member:

Affiliate Marketing Quick-Start Guide – This PDF guide consists of 12 chapters. It provides a great introduction to affiliate marketing, giving you answers to the most common questions, such as how affiliate marketing works, how to pick a niche and build a website.

Roadmap to Success – If you want to get on the road to success, a roadmap comes in real handy. This is basically a downloadable info-graphic that clearly lays out the steps you need to take to make the right moves in your affiliate marketing career. We suggest that you print this out for your reference.

120 Video Lessons – With 120 free video lessons which tally up to 20 hours of training and access to the members forum, the free membership is a pretty sweet deal. The lessons cover all the basics rather well, including market research, content creation, email marketing, SEO, PPC and more. These videos include tips from 25 marketing experts, so you can gain insight from their wealth of experience.

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Here is a taster of what Affilorama has to offer…

Premium Membership

As a free member, you can upgrade to any of the more advanced premium options at any time. The core premium membership product is Affilorama Premium. The training provided here is significantly more in-depth than the free training and geared towards those who already have a good understanding of the basics of affiliate marketing.

Currently, you can upgrade to premium membership for $1 for 30 days, so you can give it a good test drive and see if you are happy with what the premium content has to offer. After the $1 trial, it’s $67/month.


The other 4 options include-


Our Verdict

Affilorama is a proven training program that has stood the test of time, meaning what it teaches is relevant and up-to-date with current marketing methods. The choice of both free and paid membership options makes it an attractive option for anyone regardless of their budget.

The step-by-step training style is refreshing and easy to understand, so you won’t get overwhelmed or confused at any point. One thing we’d like to see added is live support in the membership area. This would be really beneficial for getting support quickly instead of waiting for members to respond in the forum.

One criticism of Affilorama is that some of the techniques it teaches are outdated, such as recommending the use of PLR (private label rights) content. However this has now been addressed and the training has been updated to reflect what works today in 2016.

Anyone wanting to start affiliate marketing should consider joining Affilorama, especially considering you can get access to Affilorama premium for just $1 for 30 days.